I'm thrilled to invite you on a journey towards a healthier, more balanced life. As a passionate advocate for holistic well-being, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. When you shop with me, you're not just purchasing products; you're investing in a community of like-minded individuals committed to living their best, most vibrant lives. With doTERRA's exceptional range of essential oils, supplements, and wellness products, we have the tools to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Whether you're looking for natural solutions to everyday ailments or seeking to enhance your overall wellness, I'm here to provide personalized guidance and share the incredible benefits of doTERRA's pure, potent essential oils. Join me on this empowering journey towards a life filled with vitality, balance, and well-being. Thank you for choosing me as your doTERRA wellness advocate, and together, we'll achieve your wellness goals one drop at a time.

The Products

Single Oils

The purest, highest quality essential oils you will find in the world!

Proprietary Blends

Beautiful and therapeutic combinations of essential oils to add variety of benefits.

Personal Care

All the best skin, hair, body, and spa care you could ever dream up!


Give your body what it needs!

Optimal daily doses for lifelong wellness.

MetaPWR System

Live your best life supporting your metabolism, energy & health on a cellular level!


Take advantage of one of the best ways to use essential oils using quality diffusers!

Enrollment Kit Pricing


Healthy Start Kit

$165 Wholesale

$220.00 RETAIL

If you’re new to the essential oil lifestyle, this collection has you covered. Featuring 5 mL bottles of the 10 most foundational dōTERRA essential oils and proprietary blends, Healthy Start offers the perfect launch point with naturally sourced answers to your most common daily needs.

Healthy Habits Kit

$225 Wholesale

$300.00 RETAIL

A healthy life starts with healthy habits. Give your body the consistent care it craves both inside and out with this introductory collection. We’ve carefully selected products that are meant to be used together as a part of a daily regimen and make it easier than ever to build habits of wellness into your life!

Aroma Essentials Kit

$165 Wholesale

$220.00 RETAIL

Total wellness starts with better air. dōTERRA created the Aroma Essentials Collection to make it easy for anyone to experience clear aromas in your home, bringing together 10 powerhouse essential oils and blends that are tried and true for creating a fresh, clean environment with their fantastic aromas.

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